Replyers travel a lot! Planes, trains and automobiles will always play a role on business trips, but for point-to-point, last mile transportation, it’s possible to skip the metro, taxi or car and hop on a bicycle. 🚲

In this experiment, Dan Fitzpatrick (Head of Technology) from Triplesense Reply traveled from Frankfurt to Milan for a two day stay: the only fossil fuel burned was during the flight!

Hi Daniel, thank you for joining us today! We are curious to know more about your great accomplishment. What was the first step?

Finding a bike to go the airport in Frankfurt!

Check which bike-sharing services are available at your destination and sign up ahead of time. Also, check whether the rental zones are close to the airport. You may get lucky and find a rental at the airport or have to walk a bit. So far, I’ve been lucky, although the bikes are often in questionable shape: senza freni, senza luci, senza problemi!

Here are some bike sharing providers you can find around:

  1. DB Call-a-Bike
  • Total fees for 50km: 6.00 €
  • Specs: 25kg! 7-speed, bell, lights
  • Notes: Solid and stable, unstoppable once you get going

2. Ofo

  • Total Fee: free
  • Specs: ~13kg? 3-speed, NO bell, lock, lights or brakes — perfect for traffic in Milan 🤪
  • Notes: I found one in the bushes at Linate. Provider bankrupt.

How to escape from the airport 🛬 and find your way to the office?

Most international airports are well connected for motorists, but not for cyclists. You’ll have to spend a few minutes looking at street maps (beforehand, if you’re smart) to find your escape route. That said, the airports at Tegel, Frankfurt and Linate, for instance, can all be exited easily.
Be prepared: pedestrians may stare at you. 👀

How did you find your way to the office?

I’m a horrible navigator and I admit it. Google isn’t. Make sure your phone is charged! Keep Maps running and your phone handy📱. In a strange city (if you’re Dan), check your phone every few hundred meters.

How many km did you ride? And how much did you save? 💸

  • 102.87 km in two days, two nights, equally divided between Frankfurt and Milan
  • 280.00 € in cab fare saved (four airport transfers, many smaller trips). Lets have a party!

Could you give us some suggestions on what to put in the backpack?

Here is my packing list. Keep in mind that I am a man 😉

For a two-day trip to a conference, not much is needed:

  • Helmet, clip-on bike lights!
  • The beer you stole off the plane
  • 1 Reply backpack 🎒 and a small tie-string bag
  • 1 Pair slacks, dark in color (if you’re a messy eater)
  • Belt, tie
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 2 good shirts, carefully folded 👔
  • 3 pairs of unmentionables
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • Breathable sports shorts and shirt
  • Hoodie
  • Running shoes 👟
  • Good shoes (to impress! We’re on a business trip, remember?)
  • Toothbrush (doubles as a bottle opener), toothpaste miniature
  • Comb / Brush
  • Laptop 💻, charger
  • Smartphone, charger, power bank (see Navigation)
  • Wallet 👛, ID, business cards
  • Garbage bag (hi-tech laptop protector: it rains sometimes)

Thank you for sharing your great story — athletic 🚴‍♂️, inspiring and great for the environment (except for the flight)!

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